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Each October the fields of Clinton County come alive with screams of

horror as semi’s chase unsuspecting victims on a bus ride

through a forest filled with monsters, madness, and mayhem. Victims begin

the journey through a fog filled tunnel where even the coroner is likely to

becomes his own client. Be careful as your ride continues through the

hollow, you may get caught up in a web or hexed by a witch. Hopefully,

there will be a medic standing by to rescue victims from a car wreck.

Make sure to stay clear of Farmer Dave, he’s sure to be looking for things

to reap and sow.

So come along for the ride, what do you have to lose.....

Their just organs, people donate them all the time.

Each and every year our "RIDE" has been redone, and this year is no

exception, with several new scenes, new scares, and new obstacles on the

"trail". With our 150 plus LIVE Actors, and our signature "Fire Breathing

Semi"s", we are again ready and are eagerly waiting to scare the "living to

death"! So, come for a ride, we'll be waiting for you!